Woking Malayalee Association is a non-profitable,non-political and non-commercial organisation formed among the people of South Indian origin from the state of Kerala,living in and around Woking.

The association works for the advancement of the community by integrating with other local communities and in association with Woking Borough Council.

The association was formed in 2008,with a view to promote the culture,heritage,traditions and values held by the people of Kerala whilst living in the United Kingdom and becoming a part of the cultural diversity of Britain.

The association render it’s members opportunities to uphold their culture and traditions remembering important days and festivals of Kerala such as Onam,Christmas & New Year,Vishu,Easter etc.

Every year the association also organises a charity night most often a Curry Night to raise funds for a selected local charity or any charitable cause deemed necessary at that time.

Every year we also play a valuable part in the Diwali Celebrations organised by the Woking Borough Council.